Singapore Flyer suspends operations after detecting 'technical issue'

Singapore Flyer suspends operations after detecting 'technical issue'

Singapore Flyer
The Singapore Flyer. (Photo: Facebook/Singapore Flyer)

SINGAPORE: The Singapore Flyer has temporarily suspended flight operations as a precautionary measure after detecting a technical issue involving one of its spoke cables.

"We are carrying out the necessary inspection, repairs and rectification works and will work closely with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for their review before the ride is open to the public," a Singapore Flyer spokesperson said on Tuesday (Nov 26). 

The technical issue was detected on Nov 19.

In response to CNA queries, the Singapore Flyer said its flight operations have been suspended since Nov 19.

"We have decided to temporarily suspend operations as a precautionary measure so that a thorough investigation could be conducted," the spokesperson added.

"As investigations are still underway, we are unable to provide further details on the technical issue. We are working around the clock together with a specialist professional engineer to fix the issue."

The Singapore Flyer added that safety is its "utmost priority" and it will only resume operations when all rectification works and all safety checks and tests are completed.

Affected guests with prior bookings are encouraged to get in touch with the Singapore Flyer. 

Shops and restaurants at the Singapore Flyer's Terminal Building remain open, the spokesperson added. 

The BCA said it was alerted on Nov 19 to a technical issue with one of the spoke cables supporting the flyer wheel.

"In the interest of public safety, BCA suspended the operations of the Singapore Flyer on the same day and instructed the ride operator to appoint a Specialised Professional Engineer (SPE) to investigate and propose appropriate rectification works," a spokesperson for the authority said.

"The ride will remain closed until the investigation is complete and the operator has carried out the necessary rectification works recommended by the SPE to the satisfaction of BCA."

This is not the first time that the observation wheel has encountered a technical issue. 

On Jan 25 last year, 61 passengers on board the Singapore Flyer were affected after the icnonic tourist spot experienced a "technical issue"

The Singapore Flyer reopened more than two months later in April.

Source: CNA/zl(mi)