In pictures: Singapore's 'biggest carnival' at Marina Bay opens

In pictures: Singapore's 'biggest carnival' at Marina Bay opens

Marina Bay Carnival view
Open from Dec 15 to Apr 1 at the Promontory@Marina Bay and the Bayfront event area. (Photo: Prudential Marina Bay Carnival)

SINGAPORE: After a week's delay, what's being billed as the biggest carnival in Singapore is ready to open at Marina Bay on Friday (Dec 15). 

Located at the Promontory and Bayfront event space, the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival looks set to have something for everyone – from spinning thrill-seekers around at speeds of nearly 100kmh, to the million or so plush toys to be won at the carnival games. 

Admission to the carnival is free, but rides and games cost between S$4 and S$14.


For the bravest of the brave, there is the Mach 5, towering 55m above ground, spinning riders upside-down and backwards in the air and hitting speeds of 96kmh in under eight seconds.

Definitely not for the faint-hearted - and in hindsight, probably the ride that should be kept for the last if you want to enjoy the carnival’s full experience.

For a slightly tamer ride, there are the Euro Coaster and Pirate Ship.

Marina Bay Carnival rides 5
Das Fun Schiff (Pirate Ship). (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)

Marina Bay Carnival rides 8
Euro Coaster. (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)

There is also the Jungle River - similar to a log flume - as well as the Star Flyer, which sends riders sailing through the air 35m above the ground while enjoying a panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline.

Marina Bay Carnival rides 1
The Star Flyer at the Promontory@Marina Bay. (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)


Kids will also be spoilt for choice, with a Dumbo Ride, a merry-go-round, Shark Coaster and bumper cars.

Marina Bay Carnival rides 2
Gallopers (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)

Marina Bay Carnival rides 6
Train Ride. (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)


This month, there will be more than 25 food options at the carnival, including burgers, cocktails, pasta, drinks and cookies.

Marina Bay food
A range of food offerings available at the Marina Bay Carnival, including pasta and nachos. (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)

With close to 30 games available - including bowling, ring-tossing and plate-breaking - there is no shortage of ways for carnival-goers to get their hands on the one million plush toys available.

Marina Bay Carnival games 2
About 1 million plush toys to be won at the Marina Bay Carnival.  (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)

Marina Bay Carnival games 1
Some of the 29 game stalls available at the Marina Bay Carnival. (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)

Marina Bay Carnival games 4
Play the ring-toss game for a chance to win a giant unicorn plush toy. (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)

It took some effort and more than a few tries ... but this reporter too, managed to get her hands on a prize - eventually!

Marina Bay Carnival win
Won a giant unicorn at the Marina Bay Carnival! (Photo: Elizabeth Khor)

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is open daily from 4pm to 11pm until Apr 1, 2018, except on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, when it opens at 3pm to 2am the following morning.

Source: CNA/ek