Singaporean auxiliary police are paid more than foreign officers: Certis CISCO

Singaporean auxiliary police are paid more than foreign officers: Certis CISCO

Corporals get the same starting salary regardless of nationality, but the bonus paid to Singaporeans is higher, says Certis CISCO, adding that the academic prerequisites for the job are different as well.

A policeman stands guard outside a hotel in Singapore on June 7, 2012
File photo of an auxiliary police officer in Singapore. (Photo: AFP/Roslan Rahman)

SINGAPORE: Singaporean auxiliary police officers (APOs) hired by Certis CISCO are paid more than their teammates who are foreigners, said the private security firm as it sought to dispel speculation that it is paying foreigners more than locals.

Earlier this week, the company confirmed that it plans to recruit graduates from Taiwan as auxiliary police officers. It is looking to hire about 120 officers there.

Certis CISCO said that corporals are paid a starting salary of S$2,575 a month - regardless of nationality - but that the bonus paid to Singaporeans is higher.

For instance, new Singaporean officers get S$5,000 upon joining and S$10,000 after they have completed three years of service.

In comparison, new Taiwanese officers get S$2,000 upon joining and another S$2,000 when they complete their two-year contract.

A Singaporean APO who has done national service will also have an NS allowance, Certis CISCO said.

The academic prerequisites differ as well: Singaporeans with three O-level passes qualify as corporals, whereas a Taiwanese officer must hold a recognised university degree to be hired at the same rank.

Singaporeans with a polytechnic diploma or four A-level passes can join as a sergeant, and qualified university graduates with “outstanding leadership qualities” will be appointed as senior officers - inspectors or assistant superintendents - who are put in charge of leading a team of APOs, and managing security operations.

"We are a Singapore company and we will hire qualified Singaporeans first before we explore alternate source to beef up our manpower resources,” said a Certis CISCO spokesperson.

In April this year, Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam said in parliament that Singapore deploys about 7,000 auxiliary police officers islandwide and has "fairly strict requirements" for APOs. He also stated that the Home Affairs Ministry ensures that majority of these officers are Singaporeans, and that only Singaporeans are deployed at land checkpoints.

The first batch of Taiwanese APOs hired by CISCO is expected to be ready for deployment after April 2017.

Source: CNA/xk