SingPost issues new stamps to usher in Year of the Rat

SingPost issues new stamps to usher in Year of the Rat

SingPost CNY stamps
The Year of the Rat stamps will be available from Jan 8. (Image: SingPost)

SINGAPORE: A new stamp set featuring the Chinese zodiac sign for the year, the rat, will go on sale next Wednesday (Jan 8), Singapore Post (SingPost) said on Thursday.

The zodiac stamp series features two graphical illustrations of the rat and comes in two denominations: 1st local (S$0.30) and S$1.40. 

SingPost CNY rat zodiac stamp (1)
1st local and S$1.40 stamp sheets. (Image: SingPost) 

A Pre-cancelled First Day Cover affixed with the complete set of stamps and cancelled with a zodiac rat postmark will be sold at S$3.10. A presentation pack containing both stamps is priced at S$4.15.

The collection marks a new cycle of SingPost’s Zodiac stamp series that will span the next 12 years, all of which will be designed in a similar style. 

The rest of the Chinese Zodiac stamps will be released in the subsequent years until 2031, SingPost said.

The series is designed by animator and illustrator Lim An-Ling, who also designed the 2019 Singapore Bicentennial stamp sets.

The Chinese Zodiac is a repeating cycle of 12 years. Each year of the Chinese lunar calendar is represented by an animal starting with the rat, followed by the ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Postage labels bought at select SAM kiosks at the general post office from Jan 8 will also feature the Chinese New Year design, SingPost added.


SingPost will also launch a collector’s sheet with a commemorative S$10 stamp.

The stamp, a modern take on the Chinese tradition of paper cutting, is priced at S$18.80 and will be sold in a folder along with a set of eight red packets.

SingPost CNY rat zodiac stamp (4)
The collector's sheet will be sold with a set of eight red packets. (Image: SingPost)

A diagonal decorative stamp encased in a gold-edged frame, as well as a series of MyStamp rat-themed products will also be available for sale.

SingPost CNY rat zodiac stamp
Zodiac MyStamp folder and decorative MyStamp sheet. (Image: SingPost)

A limited-edition stamp miniature sheet featuring a Chinese New Year reunion dinner, priced at S$8.55, will go on sale on Jan 24.

SingPost cny reunion dinner
SingPost's Chinese New Year reunion stamp miniature sheet is priced at S$8.55. (Image: SingPost)

The Year of the Rat stamps and SingPost's other Chinese New Year products will be available at post offices, the Philatelic Store and on the SingPost website. 

They will also be sold at the SingPost booth at River Hongbao 2020 festival held from Jan 23 and Feb 1.


Leading up to the festive season, postage rates will be reduced for the sending of all greeting cards within Singapore and to overseas addresses.

The festive rates will apply for all stamped and franked greeting cards posted between Jan 4 and 25.

The festive postage rates for non-standard size greeting cards sent to a local address is S$0.30 (weighing up to 20g) and S$0.37 (up to 40g), reduced from the regular postage rate of S$0.60.

For greeting cards sent overseas, customers will be charged either S$0.70 or S$0.80, depending on the weight and destination.

Source: CNA/nr(cy)