SingPost fires postman who threw away mail

SingPost fires postman who threw away mail

Singpost collage video
Screengrabs of a video circulating on social media show the SingPost postman being confronted by a member of the public.

SINGAPORE: A SingPost postman has been dismissed after he was found to have thrown away returned letters and direct mail at a condominium, a SingPost spokesperson said in a statement on Saturday (Feb 10).

SingPost was responding to Channel NewsAsia’s query about a video circulating online in which a member of the public confronted the postman, claiming that he had thrown a stack of letters into a rubbish bin.

In the video, the postman can be heard admitting to throwing the mail away. He also complained that he was tired and treated unfairly.

Confirming that the incident had happened at a condominium on Wednesday, the SingPost spokesperson said that the company did not condone the incident.

“We do not condone this and he has since been dismissed," said the spokesperson. "SingPost thanks the member of the public for bringing this to our attention, and we would like to apologise to the residents of the estate for the service lapse."

"We have since retrieved the mail and will be processing them.”

Source: CNA/zl