Sneak preview of Pokemon Research Exhibition in Singapore

Sneak preview of Pokemon Research Exhibition in Singapore

The exhibition is held for the first time outside Japan, allowing fans here to become "scientific researchers" for a day to find out more about the different Pokemon characters.

Pokemon mascot with Fukunaga and Horkin 2

SINGAPORE: Think of it as the ultimate Pokemon quiz - you pick up a Pokeball with a mystery character inside, then use the various "research machines" to figure out what it is.

The Pokemon Research Exhibition opens on Saturday (Oct 22) at Resorts World Sentosa's S.E.A. Aquarium. It is the first to be held outside Japan.

Participants will get the opportunity to discover more than 200 Pokemon characters with three types of Pokeballs, each representing a different level of difficulty.

pokemon pokeball

The Great Ball (medium difficulty). (Photo: Winnie Goh)

Once you've chosen your ball, place it onto one of the "research machines" which will generate clues such as the Pokemon's distinctive characteristics, weight and silhouette. There's an interactive element to it. For example, one of the machines requires participants to stomp on a platform as quickly as they can to reveal the outline of the Pokemon. There are eight machines and participants can use up to four to get clues.

pokemon 3

A Pokeball on a "research machine". (Photo: Winnie Goh)

pokemon 2

Clues being generated. (Photo: Winnie Goh)

Pokemon ‘Outline Shooter’ Observation Machine

Stomp, stomp, gotta catch 'em all! (Photo: Winnie Goh)

pokemon 4

Some machines are more interactive than others. (Photo: Winnie Goh)

pokedex wall

A Pokedex wall featuring over 700 Pokemon and their characteristics. (Photo: Winnie Goh)

Speaking to the media at the exhibition’s preview on Thursday (Oct 20), Mr Susumu Fukunaga, Corporate Officer of The Pokemon Company, said Singapore was chosen due to “the popularity of Pokemon” here and its reputation as “a hub for Asian countries”.

Tickets are at S$35 for adults and S$23 for children or seniors, and includes entry into the aquarium. The exhibition will run until Jan 2 2017.

A large turnout is expected, said Mr Jason Horkin, Senior Vice President of Attractions at Resorts World Sentosa. “It really has been something that we’ve wanted to do ever since Pokemon became popular (in Singapore). We have people all over the resort hunting for Pokemon, so it’s a natural place to do something like this."

Pokémon: pikachu mascot

Pikachu popping by to greet visitors. (Photo: Winnie Goh)

A Pokemon theme park in the region may be a reality in future, as The Pokemon Company considers offers. “Since Pokémon was born - it’s been 20 years - a lot of countries are looking forward to this theme park and a lot of content has increased in these 20 years. If we have a good offer in the future, maybe it could happen", said Mr Fukunaga.

“Even in Singapore, we are currently planning to have a lot of events coming up for Pokemon. We can't really say it out loud yet, because it’s not officially announced. But we have a lot of plans.”

Source: CNA/gs