Close to 40% spike in traffic fines collected for FY2017

Close to 40% spike in traffic fines collected for FY2017

parking enforcement cameras
Parking enforcement cameras on a road in Singapore. (Photo: MCI)

SINGAPORE: The amount of traffic fines the Government collected in the 2017 financial year was at a three-year high, according to figures from the Ministry of Finance (MOF) released recently as part of the Budget.

The Government collected a revised amount of S$42.5 million in traffic fines for the 2017 financial year, about a 39 per cent increase compared to the previous financial year. 

This sum is higher than the S$30.5 million collected in the 2016 financial year and the S$34.4 million collected in FY2015. 

"In dollar terms, the FY2017 amount is higher than in the previous two years of FY2015 and FY2016, but it is lower than FY2013 and FY2014," said an MOF spokesperson. "As a percentage of GDP, the FY2017 amount is lower compared to the years prior to FY2015."

The fines collected in FY2014 amounted to S$56.8 million while S$48.7 million was collected in FY2013. 

About S$44 million is estimated for the upcoming financial year, a 3.7 per cent increase on FY2017's figure.

There were fewer road traffic accidents and the number of fatal accidents and fatalities fell to an all-time low last year, according to the Singapore Police Force's 2017 Annual Road Traffic Situation report released last month.

There were also fewer accidents related to drink-driving, speeding and redlight running, police said.

Source: CNA/nc