SPRING orders local retailer to recall unregistered electric scooter adaptors

SPRING orders local retailer to recall unregistered electric scooter adaptors

It is also investigating whether any of the hoverboards recently recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission have been sold in Singapore.

Passion Gadgets

SINGAPORE: SPRING Singapore has instructed online retailer Passion Gadgets to recall unregistered power adaptors it has sold with its devices including electric scooters and hoverboards, it confirmed on Friday (Jul 8).

Power adaptors used for charging such devices must be registered with SPRING and issued with a SAFETY mark before they can be sold.

"SPRING takes a serious view of retailers found to be selling unregistered controlled goods, including sellers of unregistered AC adaptors bundled with other products," the statutory board said.

"We have, in the past, taken action against retailers who flout safety regulations on controlled goods," it added.

Some of the electric scooters, electric unicycles and hoverboards listed on Passion Gadget's website - which range in price from about S$300 to more than S$1,000 - are currently being sold without the adaptors with S$50 deducted off the listed prices.

In notices on the product pages of these items, the company said it was applying for the SAFETY mark for the adaptors and the process may take two or three weeks. Customers can purchase the adaptors from other sellers, it added.

The company, also known as iPassion Group, started off as a home based business in 2007 according to its website. It has almost 6,000 members in a private Facebook group for electric scooter enthusiasts.


On Wednesday, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled more than half a million hoverboards from 10 brands after at least 99 incidents of the two-wheeled devices' lithium-ion battery packs overheating, sparking, smoking, catching fire or exploding.

SPRING told Channel NewsAsia it was in the process of contacting suppliers of the various brands involved to ascertain if any of the affected models or units had been sold in Singapore.

"If the affected models or units are found to be sold in Singapore, SPRING will work with the suppliers to activate the product recall immediately," it said.

hoverboards table

Hoverboards models affected by a recall of more than 500,000 devices from 10 brands in the US in July 2016. (Table: SPRING Singapore)

In an advisory on its website, the authority urged consumers in Singapore who owned any of the affected products to immediately stop using the products and return them to the seller.

SPRING advised potential buyers to follow manufacturers' instructions on the charging and usage of hoverboards, and adults to supervise their children for the charging of all electrical devices. Overcharging may cause overheating of the batteries and result in a fire, it said.

Consumers can check if the product they are interested in has been recalled on SPRING’s product safety alert webpage.

Source: CNA/mz