StanChart marathon shifted to evening so more people could join in: SportSG

StanChart marathon shifted to evening so more people could join in: SportSG

Stanchart Marathon 2019 - Supporters
Supporters zone at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2019. (Photo: SportSG)

SINGAPORE: This year's Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon was moved from the morning to the evening so that more people could join in, said Singapore's national sports agency on Thursday (Dec 5).

Sport Singapore (SportSG)'s response came amid widespread complaints about traffic jams in the city area during the race, which was held last Saturday evening.

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In response to CNA's queries, SportSG Chief Executive Officer Lim Teck Yin apologised for those caught up in the traffic and said they would learn from this for subsequent races.

Explaining the decision to shift the race time to the evening, he said this was done so more people could take part.

"The shift from the dead of early morning to the energy of the evening was made to enable more Singaporeans to join in this exceptional platform event," he said, adding that more than 100,000 people had turned out this year to cheer on the runners.

"Holding an evening race of this scale in densely populated Singapore is an ambitious endeavour," he added, detailing the measures taken by authorities to alert people about the race's new time.

SportSG had engaged stakeholders since the end of last year and conducted detailed traffic studies to mitigate the impact of road closures, said Mr Lim.

Information was shared with affected businesses in early January, and the authorities announced six months in advance of the race date that it would be held in the evening.

In November, SportSG stepped up publicity regarding road closures and encouraged members of the public to take public transport, said the chief executive officer.

On the day of the race, auxiliary police were deployed to help direct traffic to alternative routes, he added.

"We will incorporate this year's lessons for subsequent races," he said.

This year's race was held for the first time at night

The new evening format was part of the organiser's bid to further the appeal of the race and improve the marathon's chances of being inducted into the Abbott World Marathon Majors, a series of the largest and most renowned marathons.  

Source: CNA/nc