Starfresh bottled drinking water from Malaysia recalled after bacteria detected

Starfresh bottled drinking water from Malaysia recalled after bacteria detected

Starfresh bottled drinking water
Bottles of Starfresh drinking water. 

SINGAPORE: A brand of bottled drinking water imported from Malaysia has been recalled in Singapore after bacteria was detected in the product, the Singapore Food Agency said on Wednesday (Jun 12).

The Starfresh brand of bottled drinking water was found to contain Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a common environmental bacteria, during a routine sampling by SFA.

SFA said it has directed the importer, Radha Exports, to recall all the implicated products. They include the 1.5L bottle of water with an expiry date of May 13, 2021 and the 500ml bottle of water which will expire on May 11, 2021.

Radha Exports is behind the ABC Bargain Centre and ValuDollar discount store chains, a check on the importer's website showed.

"Consumers who have purchased the implicated product are advised not to consume it," said SFA. "Those who have consumed the implicated product and have concerns about their health should seek medical advice."

Replying to CNA's queries, Radha Exports said that all of the affected bottles have been recalled from the shelves. 

The implicated products will be "dealt with in accordance with the regulatory guidelines of the Singapore authorities", said the company. 

It added that the water originated from one of the company's factories in Malaysia.

"There are no balance affected bottles on sale in the market at the moment."

Pseudomonas aeruginosa can be found in faeces, soil, water and sewage, according to the agency. It can multiply in water environments and on the surface of suitable organic materials in contact with water.

"Use or consumption of products contaminated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa can cause a range of infections but rarely causes serious illness in healthy individuals,” SFA added in its media release.

Healthy people may also develop mild illnesses such as skin rashes, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), with the bacteria posing a much bigger threat to people with weakened immune systems, such as hospital patients or cancer patients.

People who bought the affected products may contact Radha Exports, at 62202777 for enquiries or exchange.

Source: CNA/ec