Stars to duke it out for charity on Celebrity Sports Day

Stars to duke it out for charity on Celebrity Sports Day

More than 50 celebrities and personalities from television and radio will battle it out in various sporting events. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to NTUC Income OrangeAid, in support of underprivileged children and youth.

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SINGAPORE: They have the chops for acting and hosting, but how will TV and radio stars in Singapore fare when it comes to sports?

Fans will be able to find out come Mar 12, when the inaugural Celebrity Sports Day kicks off. The event, announced on Monday (Feb 22) will feature more than 50 celebrities such as Elvin Ng, Rebecca Lim, Mr 'Unbelievable' Chen Tian Wen as well as Jean Danker competing in various sports. These include tug-of-war, basketball, captain's ball and a 4x100m race.

mediacorp artistes hong ling, sora ma, carrie wong

Mediacorp artistes Hong Ling, Sora Ma and Carrie Wong will be playing captain's ball for the blue team. (Photo: Ngau Kai Yan)

Artistes Tay Ping Hui and Kym Ng will each be leading teams, which will be pitted against each other on the day.

When asked if her team has a strategy mapped out, Ng said: "We have no strategy. We have very good people on the blue team.
"What's better: We have those who work out very often," she said, while pointing to Elvin Ng, drawing laughter from the audience.

celebrity sports day press con - kym ng, tay ping hui

L-R: YES 933 DJ Chan Ning, leader of the blue team Kym Ng, leader of the red team Tay Ping Hui and 987FM DJ Kimberly Wang. (Photo: Ngau Kai Yan)

Artistes such as Sora Ma, Hong Ling, Carrie Wong, Yahui and 987FM DJ Kimberly Wang expect a blast from the past with a Captain's Ball showdown. "The last time I played captain's ball was actually in secondary school," said Wong. "So this is like a major throwback!"

As for the 4x100m race, artiste Nick Teo is confident that he will help the red team win. "Sprinting is my strength. While I was in secondary school, I won gold medals in 4x100 races and javelin segments too," he said. His teammate Jayley Woo was a little more worried about competing in a sprint. "I'm more of a long-distance runner. I used to do 10km a day, four days a week," the actress revealed. "But I'll try lah!" she added.

To spice things up, Celebrity Sports Day will see star cheerleaders as well. Veteran host Guo Liang got first dibs on teams on Monday afternoon, and after some deliberation, went with the blue team, despite noting that the red team had more muscle. "The blue team is strong in spirit and possesses great courage," Guo said.

celebrity sports day presser - kym ng and guo liang

Leader of the blue team Kym Ng yells out in triumph as host Guo Liang decides to be the cheerleader for her team. (Photo: Ngau Kai Yan)

Proceeds from the event will go towards NTUC Income OrangeAid, which aims to empower underprivileged children and youth in Singapore. Ultimately, the artistes involved in the Celebrity Sports Day hope the event helps promote an active lifestyle while helping those in need.

"I hope people will not only bring their mother, but also their friends to support us. Each ticket is S$10, and if you bring five people, that will be S$50," said actress Julie Tan, who will be playing Captain's Ball for the blue team. "It's not a lot to us, but it means a lot to those who need it," her teammate Wong added.

celebrity sports day presser - yao wenlong, lee teng

Mediacorp artistes Yao Wen Long and Lee Teng are on the blue team's basketball team. (Photo: Ngau Kai Yan)

"This is not only good for the artistes, because we get to train together and have fun, but it's also a good influence on the young and middle-aged to get up and exercise. Working out is very important," said Kym Ng. "If one fan or two fans see their idols play a particular sport and that motivates them to work out, then we've done well," said Tay Ping Hui.

The Celebrity Sports Day will be held at the OCBC Arena. Tickets are S$10 each and are available online.

The full list of artistes on each team:

Red teamBlue team
Leader: Tay Ping HuiLeader: Kym Ng
Ian FangElvin Ng
Rebecca LimCarrie Wong
YahuiJulie Tan
Zhang Zhen HuanRomeo Tan
Shane PowDesmond Tan
Jayley WooLee Teng
Bonnie LooHong Ling
James SeahSeraph Sun
Jeffrey XuSora Ma
Ben YeoBrandon Wong
Zheng Ge PingYao Wen Long
Shaun ChenChen Tian Wen
Aileen TanHong Hui Fang
YouyiPriscelia Chan
Vivian LaiBelinda Lee
Michelle WongDesmond Ng
Nick TeoChase Tan
Justin Ang (Muttons)Gerald Koh
Vernon A (Muttons)Joakim Gomez
Kimberly WangVernetta Lopez
Sonia ChewMike Kasem
Simone HengJean Danker
Jamie YeoKun Hua
Xie Jia FaChen Ning
Jeff GohSiau Jiahui
Lin Pei FenLin Lingzhi
Bukoh MaryDennis Chew
Wallace Ang
Source: CNA/dl