'An unfortunate and regrettable incident': Ng Chee Meng on stolen A-Level papers

'An unfortunate and regrettable incident': Ng Chee Meng on stolen A-Level papers

File photo of a student taking the 2017 A-Level Chemistry paper. (Photo: Ruyi Wong)

SINGAPORE: The theft of the GCE A-Level Chemistry answer scripts of 238 students who took the examinations last year was an "unfortunate and regrettable incident" and the authorities will support affected students as well as they can, Education Minister for Schools Ng Chee Meng said on Friday (Feb 23). 

The students from Anderson JC, Anglo-Chinese JC, Hwa Chong Institution and Nanyang JC had part of their H2 Chemistry answer scripts stolen in Britain before the papers were delivered to the examiners.

As a result, the final grades for the students were derived through a projection, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) revealed earlier on Friday.

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Mr Ng wrote in a Facebook post that the Ministry of Education is working closely with SEAB and Cambridge Assessment "to ensure that everyone gets a valid and fair assessment grade". 

"There are well-established procedures in place adopted by UK exam boards," he added. 

To award the grades for affected candidates, both Cambridge Assessment and SEAB considered their performance in the other three chemistry papers, and the performance of all the other candidates in the subject.

The candidate’s school-based exam results were also considered, to check for consistencies in overall performances. Additional attention was also paid to borderline cases.

Given the unique circumstances, Cambridge Assessment and SEAB have also made arrangements to offer the affected students an opportunity to re-sit the H2 Chemistry Paper 3, if they wish, on Apr 25 or in November this year.

Mr Ng noted in his post that Cambridge has apologised and will review their processes to prevent a similar recurrence.

Affected students and their parents can also approach SEAB or their schools for further advice or clarifications on the way forward, he wrote. 

"I seek your understanding and patience as we continue to do what’s needed."


Source: CNA/mz