'Super long' e-scooter impounded by LTA

'Super long' e-scooter impounded by LTA

"Super long" e-scooter
A "super long" e-scooter the length of a car.(Photo: LTA)

SINGAPORE: A "super long" e-scooter was impounded by the Land Transport Authority on Tuesday morning (Oct 23).

The personal mobility device (PMD), which was the length of a car, was spotted and impounded by Active Mobility Enforcement Officers during a routine enforcement patrol, LTA said in a Facebook post.

A video of the e-scooter was first uploaded on the ROADS.sg Facebook page on Oct 20, where its owner was spotted riding it near the Certis CISCO centre at Jalan Afifi.

The e-scooter was found to have exceeded the permissible weight of 20kg, which disqualified it from being used on public paths. Riding a PMD on the road is also illegal.

The LTA warned that heavy penalties such as fines and/or imprisonment can be incurred from offences such as reckless riding, flouting of speed limits, use of non-compliant devices, and riding devices on the wrong paths.

PMD users can find out if their device fits LTA's device criteria, as well as the associated regulations and rules of conduct on LTA's website.

Source: CNA/ic(mn)