The Middle Ground to wind down, publisher says 'can't go on any more'

The Middle Ground to wind down, publisher says 'can't go on any more'

TMG photo
A screengrab of The Middle Ground's homepage. 

SINGAPORE: Local sociopolitical website The Middle Ground announced on Saturday (Oct 28) that it was winding down in a note by its publisher, Daniel Yap. 

"I want to let you know today that we’ve decided to start the process of winding down our publication," said Mr Yap. "It’s a decision that the TMG team has been dreading for some time, and we wanted to let you know as soon as possible.

"We have just over 200 patrons on the platform, contributing about S$3,000 each month, and the choices we made meant that we were not as attractive as other platforms when it came to sheer traffic and viral content – the lifeblood of ad campaigns.

"Unfortunately, the overheads for a solid news editorial team run into the tens of thousands, and TMG wasn’t an operation we could sustain long term, not without departing from the core values that we hold dear.

"I’m sorry that we’ve not been able to make this work in this form. There are things we could have done better, and in many ways we were too optimistic about the sustainability of this project.

"The decision was a difficult one, but it was the only decision that made sense to us."

Mr Yap added that the process of winding down TMG will take between one and three months due to obligations to suppliers and clients. 

"These will have to be negotiated, but we commit to publishing what we can while we fulfil our obligations," said Mr Yap. 

The Middle Ground was launched in June 2015 with Mr Yap and editor Bertha Henson at the helm. 

On its Facebook page, The Middle Ground describes itself as a "space for everyone in the middle, somewhere in between the madness at both extremes". 

It added: "It is a place where two sides can meet and be informed about opposing schools of thought. It is a place for moderate speech and agreeable disagreement."

Source: CNA/rw