Toll charges at Woodlands Checkpoint to be revised lower from February

Toll charges at Woodlands Checkpoint to be revised lower from February

Woodlands checkpoint entrance
Motorists queuing up to enter the Woodlands Checkpoint towards Johor Bahru. 

SINGAPORE: The toll charges for vehicles leaving and entering Singapore will be revised from February, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced on Friday (Jan 5). 

This is to "match Malaysia's recent removal of toll charges at the Eastern Dispersal Link", and is in line with Singapore's long-standing policy of matching Malaysia's toll rates, the LTA said in its press release.

Currently, vehicles leaving Singapore via the Woodlands Checkpoint have to pay between S$1.90 to S$7.70. This will be decreased to between S$0.50 and S$2.00.

For cars leaving Singapore, the charges will be reduced from S$3.80 to just S$1.00.

Toll charges for all vehicles entering Singapore via Woodlands Checkpoint will be removed. 

Revised toll at Woodlands checkpoint

The LTA also reminded motorist to ensure there is sufficient value in their Autopass cards before driving through the checkpoints so to minimise inconvenience. 

It is the responsibility of motorists to pay all required tolls, fees and charges using the payment machines located at the immigration booths, LTA said. 

Those who evade payment of the tolls, fees and charges are liable to a pay a composition sum of S$50, or S$100 for repeat offenders. 

Should they refuse to pay the composition sum, they may be charged in court and face a fine of not more than S$1,000, or three months' jail.

Source: CNA/ng