Travel agency Konsortium Express and Tours suddenly closes, cites 'financial crisis'

Travel agency Konsortium Express and Tours suddenly closes, cites 'financial crisis'

Konsortium closes
Travel agency Konsortium Express and Tours has unexpectedly closed down.

SINGAPORE: Travel agency Konsortium Express and Tours, which specialises in coach trips to Malaysia, has unexpectedly closed down.

In a notice pasted on the door of one of its offices, the agency apologised for the sudden closure, saying it has gone into a "financial crisis and will cease operation on all services with immediate effect".

The office was shut on Thursday (Feb 22), with a lock and chain seen on the door handles.

Affected passengers should put in a claim with their travel insurance provider or approach the small claims tribunal, the company added.

"We are deeply apologetic for the sudden closure and we seek for forgiveness," said the notice, which was also posted on the company's website.

Konsortium closes 2
Screenshot of the notice on Konsortium Express and Tours' website. 

Konsortium's licence has since been revoked, said the Singapore Tourism Board (STB). 

It advised affected customers who bought travel insurance before the closure to approach their insurance providers for assistance. 

"Consumers who are not covered by travel insurance can seek the help of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) or the Small Claims Tribunal where appropriate," STB added.

Other travel companies were quick to jump into the void left by Konsortium's sudden closure. 

A committee within the National Association of Travel Agents (NATAS) is rallying local transport operators to take over affected bookings if necessary, said STB.

Meanwhile, Chan Brothers Travel said it would aim to help affected customers.

"While sudden business closure is not peculiar only to the travel industry, Chan Brothers Travel aims to help affected customers of Konsortium Express and Tours mitigate their losses and resume their travel plans," the company said in an email to the media.

It added that Chan Brothers Travel would be extending a "goodwill discount" of 10 per cent off package tours booked from now until Mar 4 for affected customers.

Source: CNA/nc