South Korean women arrested near St Regis hotel for holding protests

South Korean women arrested near St Regis hotel for holding protests

South Korean women arrested
A screengrab of a video showing a tussle between South Korean women and the police. (Screengrab: Facebook/Today)

SINGAPORE: Five South Korean women were arrested on Monday night (Jun 11) near St Regis, the hotel where North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his delegation were staying in Singapore prior to a meeting with US President Donald Trump.

The five women, who had protest placards with them, were arrested along Tanglin Road at about 9.10pm, police said in a statement. The police told the women not to carry out any protest activities.

"During the engagement, they refused to cooperate with the police, became rowdy and started to shout. Despite police's repeated warnings, the group continued shouting and were subsequently arrested," police said. The women also "struggled" and were "uncooperative" during the arrest, police added.

Earlier that day, the women were spotted near Capella Hotel on Sentosa - the venue of the US-North Korea summit - where they unfurled banners to promote their cause, police said. They were later seen near Shangri-La Hotel with protest placards and were warned to leave the area.

Sentosa and the area around Shangri-La Hotel, which include St Regis and Tanglin Road, were designated as enhanced security special event areas from Jun 10 to Jun 14 for the Trump-Kim summit. Trump and his delegation were staying at Shangri-La Hotel. 

"They were in a smaller, even more restricted Special Zone where security is even tighter because of their proximity to where the USA and DPRK leaders are staying and where the Summit meeting is being held," police said, referring to North Korea by its acronym which stands for the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

They added that investigations are ongoing.

A video by TODAY shows the women shouting while tussling with police officers at Nassim Road.

Source: CNA/na(hm)