Two contractors fined for damaging PUB water mains

Two contractors fined for damaging PUB water mains

Avenue Engineering and Lian Seng Swee Construction were fined S$26,000 and S$40,000, respectively, for damaging water mains while carrying out construction and improvement works.

SINGAPORE: Two contractors engaged to carry out improvement and construction works for separate projects have been fined for damaging water mains, Singapore's national water agency said on Wednesday (Nov 9).

Avenue Engineering was fined S$26,000 and Lian Seng Swee Construction fined S$40,000.

According to PUB, Avenue Engineering was carrying out improvement works at roadside drains along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 on Feb 15 when workers exposed a water main. They failed to provide proper support for the main, resulting in a joint of the water main being dislodged and water leakage of about 300 cubic metres.

In a separate incident, a water main along Fourth Avenue was damaged by Lian Seng Swee during construction work for the Sixth Avenue MRT station. While operating an excavator, a worker hit and damaged the water main, disrupting water supply for 95 households and causing the loss of 2,150 cubic metres of water.

For damaging water mains, the companies faced a maximum fine of S$200,000, up to three years' imprisonment, or both.

PUB said it took a "serious view" of such incidents and would not hesitate to take "strict enforcement action" against contractors who do not comply with its requirements and regulations.

"Causing damage to PUB water mains is a serious offence that compromises the reliability of the water supply and results in the loss of precious water and in some cases, affect water supply to customers."

Source: CNA/mz