Volunteers test evacuation procedures on upcoming Downtown Line 3

Volunteers test evacuation procedures on upcoming Downtown Line 3

Members of the public taking part in a safety drill on the soon-to-open Downtown Line 3. (Photo: Loke Kok Fai)

SINGAPORE: About 250 members of the public got a chance to experience how train evacuation procedures are like on the Downtown Line 3 (DTL3) on Saturday (Sep 16). 

The event is the first of a series of community engagement sessions organised by SBS Transit, giving visitors a glimpse into safety and emergency measures, as well as a sneak peek into some of its 16 stations ahead of the line's opening on Oct 21.

Passengers comprising student groups, grassroots representatives and train enthusiasts among others rode along the line from Fort Canning to Geylang Bahru station, where an emergency stop was simulated.

Passengers then had to alight from the train and walk a 200-metre stretch to Mattar Station along the underground tracks.

"These drills and exercises are something that we do regardless of whether it is the opening of DTL3 or not," said SBS Transit's Senior Vice-President of Rail Operations Alex Goei. 

"Every week we have staff on drills and exercises precisely to get them ready for incident and emergencies."

A second set of two exercises will be carried out on Sep 24.

Source: CNA/rw