Waterspout spotted off Marine Parade on Monday afternoon

Waterspout spotted off Marine Parade on Monday afternoon

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A waterspout briefly appeared off Marine Parade in the afternoon of Jun 1, 2020. (Photo: Kanika Joshi)

SINGAPORE: A large waterspout appeared south of Marine Parade on Monday (Jun 1) afternoon, along with strong winds and heavy rain.

The Meteorological Service Singapore said that a thunderstorm appeared over the Singapore Straits just before 1.30pm.

“The rotating column of the waterspout below the thunderstorm cloud lasted a few minutes,” the Met Service added in response to CNA's query.

Ms Kanika Joshi, who saw the waterspout from the balcony of her home on Marine Parade Road in the afternoon, said there was "very strong wind and heavy rain".

A waterspout is a weather phenomenon seen occasionally over the coastal waters of Singapore, with a lifespan of a few minutes to half an hour, according to the National Environment Agency's website. They usually dissipate rapidly on reaching the coast.

However, in September last year, Singapore's first recorded landspout damaged roofs in Tuas when it came onshore.

Monday's waterspout comes amid the Met Service's latest advisory that Singapore will continue to experience wet and humid weather in the first half of June.

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Source: CNA/dv(ac)