'Wicked' stars to headline President's Star Charity 2016

'Wicked' stars to headline President's Star Charity 2016

Local audiences will be able to catch snippets of the celebrated Broadway musical on this year's President’s Star Charity show.

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SINGAPORE: The celebrated Broadway musical "Wicked" has played to audiences all around the world, and come Oct 23, local audiences will be able to catch snippets of the show on President’s Star Charity 2016.

Jacqueline Hughes, who plays main protagonist Elphaba in the musical, revealed during a press conference for the charity show on Tuesday (Oct 10) that she would be performing "one of the big show-stopping numbers" from the musical.

"We will try to recreate what we show every evening on the President's Star Charity show," she added.

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Jacqueline Hughes (left) and Carly Anderson, who play Elphaba and Glinda from Wicked respectively. (Photo: Winnie Goh)

This year’s President's Star Charity will be hosted by Channel NewsAsia presenter Glenda Chong and actor Chua Enlai.

At the media conference, organisers said that they hope to encourage inclusivity at the 17th edition of the show, themed “Just Like You”.

“We want to drive across this message that no matter who you are, whether you are born with special needs or not, you can too contribute to charity,” Lum Wai Loon, senior producer at Mediacorp Studios said.

The show will feature performers like Daniel Bawtan, a wheelchair-bound beatboxer, alongside artistes such as Tay Ping Hui and Sonia Chew.

Local celebrities will also take to the stage to help garner donations for 58 beneficiaries on the annual show, which raised S$6.4 million for charity last year.

President's Star Charity 2016

(From left) Mediacorp actors Tay Ping Hui and Zoe Tay as well as Singapore Idol 3 winner Sezairi Sezali will be among those performing in the show. (Photo: Winnie Goh)

Queen of Caldecott Zoe Tay will put up a dance item mimicking the graceful motions of a peacock. The actress, who has completed five out of the eight scheduled rehearsal sessions, said that the dance has stretched her limits. “I have to wear fake long fingernails, and I have not done the full rehearsal with all the gear on, so wish me luck,” she said, laughing.

Zoe said that while she does not take part in every edition of the President's Star Charity, "every time I do take part, I feel very honoured and happy".

"This show has, for 17 years, received a lot of support from the audience. This time, many others like beneficiaries (will) take part and perform with the artistes. I hope that the audience watching can lend a helping hand by donating," she said.

Fellow Mediacorp artiste Tay Ping Hui, who will be part of an "all-star choir" with other celebrities as well as students from the Institute of Technical Education, said he would be practicing hard for the performance.

"A lot of people think that singing and dancing is not difficult, but you have to remember your lines, remember your lyrics and the steps at the same time. I’m just going to do my best, because it’s for charity ... after all we are not professional singers, we can only give our best," he said.

"As long as we show we’re giving our best, everyone will also help us out. Let’s do good together for that night."

The President’s Star Charity 2016 will broadcast ‘Live’ on Oct 23, 7.30pm on Channel 5. There will be an encore telecast of the charity show on Oct 29, 2pm on Channel 5.

Source: CNA/mz