Woman attempts to pry open MRT doors after missing train

Woman attempts to pry open MRT doors after missing train

Woman prying open MRT doors
Screengrab of a video posted online shows a woman trying to pry open MRT train doors at Little India Station. (Screengrab: Facebook/All Singapore Stuff)

SINGAPORE: A woman attempted to pry open the doors of an MRT train after she successfully forced her way through closing platform doors on Monday (Aug 26), shocking onlookers.

Closed-circuit television of the incident posted on social media showed the unidentified woman darting towards a train as the doors began to close.

The video shows the woman blocking the platform doors from fully closing, prying them open, then squeezing into the gap between the doors and the train. She then tried to do the same to the train doors.

A few bystanders rushed to try to help her before the train doors opened and the woman entered the train carriage.

SBS Transit confirmed the incident on Wednesday, stating that it took place at about 3.30pm on Monday at Little India station in the direction of Expo station.

"The platform screen doors (PSD) were already closing by the time she reached,” said SBS Transit. “The passenger used her hands to block the PSDs from closing fully. As a result, the PSDs started to retract as the system detected the obstruction."

"Once the commuter managed to get past the PSDs, she attempted to squeeze through the closed train doors.

"At the same time, a staff on board activated an emergency device which enabled the train doors to reopen fully so that the passenger could enter the train."

The train would not have been able to move off as both sets of doors were not locked, as part of its safety design features.

The incident took around 20 seconds, SBS added.

"For safety reasons, commuters must not attempt such actions. This is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury. It could also result in a service disruption as well as cause damage to public property," said Ms Tammy Tan, senior vice-president of corporate communications at SBS.

Source: CNA/ec(hm)