Removal of straws part of efforts toward environmental protection, sustainability: Yakult Singapore

Removal of straws part of efforts toward environmental protection, sustainability: Yakult Singapore

Yakult to research alternative materials to replace plastic
Yakult Singapore is removing plastic straws from its packaging as part of its "corporate social responsibility activity". (Photo: Facebook/Yakult Singapore)

SINGAPORE: Yakult Singapore on Wednesday (Jan 2) said it is looking at alternative materials to replace plastic as part of its packaging, following its earlier announcement that it would no longer be providing straws with its drinks

The company said the decision to eliminate straws is part of its “corporate social responsibility ... as well as an effort in contributing to environmental protection and sustainability”.

“While this initiative may come (abruptly) for some people, we have received mostly positive comments,” said Yakult Singapore.

“We are studying alternative materials that can replace plastic. We start with what we can do now – that is to eliminate the straws.”

Before the removal of straws, Yakult Ace Light’s bottle cap was redesigned to include a lid. With the new design, consumers can now remove the cap and drink directly from the bottle for both Yakult and Yakult Ace Light, the company said.

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“With the worldwide movement of reducing single-use plastics, the concept of removing straws is now more widely accepted," said Yakult Singapore.

“Furthermore, most schools are educating children to reduce plastic waste and we believe this decision will help educators in that direction.”

Yakult began selling its probiotic milk drinks in Singapore in 1979. 

Straws have always been included in the packaging here, but the company said that in most countries where they are sold, Yakult drinks do not come with straws.

Yakult Malaysia also recently removed straws from its packaging.

In recent months, several companies in Singapore have announced plans to eliminate plastic straws in a bid to reduce waste. These include KFC, Burger King and Starbucks.

Source: CNA/ga(rw)