Police investigating fight at Yishun coffee shop involving 2 elderly men

Police investigating fight at Yishun coffee shop involving 2 elderly men

Yishun S11 fight Mar 11
Police are investigating the dispute as a case of affray. (Screenshots: Facebook/Allan Lim)

SINGAPORE: The police are investigating a case of affray after they were alerted to a dispute at a Yishun coffee shop on Sunday night (Mar 11), which started with two elderly men fighting over a woman.

This happened at the S-11 coffeeshop at Block 744 Yishun Street 72. Police said they were alerted to the incident at about 9.25pm. 

In a widely shared video that was posted on Facebook, two men who appear to be in their 60s were seen hurling vulgarities at each other. 

Channel NewsAsia understands that they were fighting over a woman. One of the men is her current boyfriend while the other is her ex-boyfriend. 

The video, lasting more than five minutes, shows a man in red picking up beer bottles as well as a chair at one point, threatening to hit the other man in blue with long hair. 

The latter had taunted the man in red, who was sitting next to the woman in question, and threatened him to "come out".

Passers-by can be seen trying to calm both men down. But the dispute escalated when the man in red lifted a chair and hit the man in blue, who retaliated. 

The woman joined in, picking up a broom to hit the man in blue. But she was kicked to the ground by another man in white. 

A fourth man then rushed forward and started raining punches on the man in white. 

The video was shared almost 15,000 times as of Monday. Channel NewsAsia understands no arrests have been made.

Source: CNA/ng