Don’t Design a Logo, Design a Brand

Don’t Design a Logo, Design a Brand

McDonald’s golden arches, Nike’s swoosh, Chanel’s inter-locking Cs – they are more than company logos, they are visual representations of the iconic brands. All that the brands stand for, all that they believe in are encapsulated in those logos.

Don’t Design a Logo, Design a Brand

That is what your logo should do for your company as well.
After all, your logo is the face of your company. So, what can you do to make sure your logo says all that it should about your start-up?

Tell your brand story
Good copy is a crucial element of design. Outstanding visuals won’t get you anywhere if the accompanying content is disjointed or unengaging.
Take a look at two different sentences, each describing the same company: “U.S. based BrandNew has been selling quality shoes since 1947,” and “BrandNew first originated from the heart of New Jersey 70 years ago through the mind of a young boy named John Doe, who at the time, couldn’t afford a pair of proper school shoes.” Which do you feel an emotional connection to?
Likewise, Apple’s story of how two men working long hours in a garage turned a tech start-up into the powerhouse it is today is as iconic and memorable as its logo. This brings us to the next point.

Build an emotional connection
It comes down to the fact that purchasing is based more on emotional connections than logical thought. Antonio Damasio, a neuroscientist and professor at the University of Southern California, says in his book “Descartes Error” that emotion is a fundamental factor when it comes to making decisions, including financial ones.
A 2011 Nielsen study on how well advertisements performed underscores this. According to the results, the relatability of the characters in the ads, or “people like you and me”, have replaced celebrities as the determinant on whether or not an ad was likeable and that translated to increase in sales. If the customers identify with you, they will buy into your story and your product.
So, how do you want them to identify with you? Do you stand for passion, stability, happiness or simplicity? The colours, the fonts, the shapes and the aesthetic appeal of what you put out thereshould  tell your audience everything they need to know.

Commit to consistency
If your design does not match what you stand for, then your customers will be confused, even estranged by your brand. Let’s say your brand wishes to epitomise the personality of a modern skateboarder. Picking Times New Roman as your font of choice would most surely send them rolling towards Vans or Supreme.                                                                                                                                       

Once you’ve consolidated, matched and steadied your brand’s values and visuals, don’t change them unless you really have to because people like the familiar. They trust brands they recognise and have counted on. That’s why people tend to buy the same brands from the same store. Turn their habit into brand loyalty.
A logo that recalls a charming back story, evokes emotions and resonates with your brand identity will do more than identify your company. It can be your business’ greatest marketing tool. So, make sure your logo is more than just a design. It has to be a face you want to show the world.