Start-Up S4 Finalist: AEvice Health

AEvice Health

Better Control, Better Life


AEvice Health is a biomedical startup that creates an asthma monitoring device (BioAsthma) through its proprietary algorithm.

A spin-off from Nanyang Techonological University, AEvice Health was founded in 2016 by Adrian Ang (Founder) and Professor Ser Wee (Co-Founder). BioAsthma is a patented wearable device that can continuously monitor the condition of asthma patients. Our device will enable asthmatic patients to have better control of their conditions and to reduce medical costs over a long-term period.

Currently in its product development stage, AEvice Health is set to position BioAsthma as a medical device and introduce it into the market by late 2017.


Adrian Ang

CEO, Founder

Adrian Ang is the Chief Executive Officer of AEvice Health. He has graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a major in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, and carried out a year long of research work on digital signal processing as a student under Associate Professor Ser Wee, who is also his Co-Founder today. Adrian has also spent 6-months of related research work in Linkoping University (Sweden) back in 2012.

Having created 2 start-ups during his university days, Adrian joined his family business upon his graduation. During his brief tenure as the Deputy GM, the company has seen a significant growth in annual sales between 2014 - 2016. He has amassed experience in human resource management, business development, strategies and investment. He is currently also pursuing his Master of Science in Technopreneurship & Innovation from NTU.

Edmund Shao

Market Research Analyst & Strategist, Co-Founder

Edmund Shao studied Chemistry and Biological Chemistry with a Minor in Entrepreneurship at Nanyang Technology University. He has amassed valuable experience working on two startups that he founded during his university days.

Edmund Shao serves as the business developer for Aevice Health, working closely with renowed physicians to develop BioAsthma. Edmund is responsible in the formulation of business strategies, particularly in the field of overcoming transboundary medical regulatories.



BioAsthma uses artificial intelligence to monitor asthma symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and respiratory rate. BioAsthma determines your asthma severity by analyzing these symptoms in real-time for early medical intervention. Our intelligent algorithm pre-empts an asthma attack by constantly detecting abnormalities in your vital signs. In the event that you are about to have an attack, BioAsthma automatically warns you and the people around you, allowing sufficient time to call for the appropriate medical aid.

BioAsthma records the severity of each asthma attack, and transmits these data points automatically onto a cloud server. This data can be used to aid your physician in monitoring your asthma condition. It is a patented and cutting-edge device that helps to better manage your asthma condition. Our smart device is a non-invasive, light-weight and easy-to-use wearable device that ensures high levels of comfort when in use.