Start-Up S4 Finalist: Aimazing


Contactless Transactions between any Device, with Sound


Aimazing enables any smartphone to conduct mobile payments, by using soundwaves. We offer an SDK for mobile wallets or any relevant applications, to encrypt and transfer information between devices, with sound. The company started in Singapore one year ago, and recently pivoted the business in June. With Aimazing technology, any device, regardless of its operating system, will be able to conduct transactions as long as there is a speaker and microphone. The vision is to present a universal solution and standardize all close-proximity transactions to be done with soundwaves. In 2016, Aimazing hopes to bring mentors and investors that believe in the company's vision on board.


Jun Ting


Jun Ting is founder and CEO of his third startup, Aimazing. He started his first company when he was 15 years old, and built it into one of the top forums in Malaysia. The company eventually got acquired by a private investor. As the CEO, he illuminates the company's direction and establishes strategies to realise the company's vision.

"Success is not about how good you are, it is measured by how many people are better off because you lived"

Yar Hong Chiong


Hong Chiong is the COO of Aimazing. He was an NTU Physics and Entrepreneurship minor undergraduate until recently, when he dropped out to work on startups. In NTU, he once created a platform to match students looking to beef up the design of their presentation slides, with students who have design skills. Previously, he joined early-stage Uber for Laundry startup, Fipin, in order to learn and get connected with the startup community.



Aimazing provides an SDK that enables smartphones to conduct transactions with soundwaves. We encrypt data and generate a representative soundwave with Aimazing's algorithm. The soundwave carries the transaction information across to the receiving terminal for processing. Aimazing's business model is based on the amount of transactions done with our technology. We want to grow along with our vision of bringing mobile payments to everyone.


Aimazing Product Showcase

Aimazing provides an SDK that enables smartphone to conduct transactions with soundwaves. Watch it here