Start-Up S4 Finalist: Parcel Perform

Parcel Perform

Elevate your customers' end-to-end e-commerce logistics experience


Parcel Perform is a Singapore based SaaS start-up that provides e-commerce merchants with all the information needed to manage their e-commerce logistics effectively. It also allows their consumers to benefit from on-time delivery updates and an improved customer service.

Parcel Perform collects data from more than 475 carriers worldwide and develops a service offering that can be used by customers all over the globe.

Our core product offering for e-commerce merchants includes:

(1) A custom-branded, multi-language parcel tracking page where customers can track their orders and configure proactive notifications until the final receipt of their delivery.

(2) An analytics platform for merchants that shows them the actual performance of their logistic providers and highlights any service issues their customers might face.

(3) A consolidated customer service interface for all e-commerce shipments across logistics carriers that allows merchants to handle all customer delivery enquiries fast and effectively.

Parcel Perform in addition established an offering for end consumers directly. With Parcel Monitor (, we make multi-carrier parcel tracking accessible to everyone. Users can subscribe to updates, see the results in multiple languages and save their parcels for future reference.

Although focused on parcel tracking in the short term, the experienced team around Arne Jeroschewski & Dana von der Heide leverages its extensive e-commerce and logistics experience to continuously expand Parcel Perform's service offering. Parcel Perform aims to become the end-to-end management platform for all e-commerce merchants and their logistics needs globally.


Arne Jeroschewski

Founder & CEO

Arne has been active in e-commerce and e-commerce logistics in Asia Pacific for more than 5 years. While working in leadership roles for major international carriers, he lead the development of many e-commerce logistics products tailored for online marketplaces and merchants. Prior to that, he was the founding CEO of a leading fashion e-commerce player in Southeast Asia and a longtime management consultant in Europe, Africa and Asia. Arne is a trained economist with a Ph.D. in regulatory economics.

At Parcel Perform, Arne leads product development, manages investor relations and all financial aspects of the business, and motivates the team with his infectious enthusiasm for e-commerce logistics.

Dana von der Heide

Founder & CMO

Dana joins Parcel Perform as an entreprenuer and e-commerce logistics manager with more than 5 years of experience in global and regional business development management roles for international logistics companies in Europe and Asia. She is a trained PR professional with an education in political science and psychology, with broad experience in strategy development, product management as well as organizational change management. Previously an enthusiast of the Berlin-startup scene, she now goes back to her passion by starting her own business here in Singapore.

At Parcel Perform, Dana is responsible for all Marketing and Sales efforts and is heavily involved in product development. She is managing all on- and offline company representations and ensures the well-being of the team.



Parcel Perform is built on a scalable, state-of-the-art technology platform that acquires and interprets data for millions of parcels across 475 carriers around the globe. An easy-to-use interface allows e-commerce merchants to easily configure and quickly integrate the service into their webshops.

Parcel Perform offers a range of subscription packages which include free and paid-for logistics tracking and customer communication services. Merchants can use the Parcel Perform platform to get full transparency of their parcels across many performance indicators, and communicate directly with their customers.

But this is only the beginning of the Parcel Perform journey. The team of experienced e-commerce logistics professionals is continuously working on adding more features to make life around e-commerce logistics simpler and more convenient.


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