Google hints Oct 4 launch date for Pixel 2

Google hints Oct 4 launch date for Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 Oct 4
Screengrab from Google's video "Funny you should ask..." purportedly teasing the Pixel 2 launch. 

SINGAPORE: Hot on the heels of the iPhone X launch, Google has released a video on Thursday (Sep 14) hinting at an Oct 4 launch for its next generation of Pixel smartphones. 

In the teaser video titled "Funny you should ask...", the company poses a series of rhetorical questions like "why is my phone always out of storage?" and "why can't my phone update itself?"- presumably doubts it hopes to clear with the new release.

Some other improvements it hinted at with its questions were a longer battery life, faster processor and better camera. No other details were made public.

If the phone materialises, it will be exactly a year since Google first launched its in-house designed Pixel phone.

The event marked a shift in strategy for the company, which launched a slate of Internet-linked devices that came with Google Assistant artificial intelligence.

Source: CNA/hs