Mediapreneur start-ups showcase breakthrough solutions and products at SWITCH 2018

Mediapreneur start-ups showcase breakthrough solutions and products at SWITCH 2018

The mediapreneur team at the Singapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology 2018. (Photo: Mediacorp)

SINGAPORE: Imagine a hotel keycard that can predict your preferences and provide targeted e-Concierge services, or a holographic classroom lesson in schools. 

These are no longer just visions but some of the breakthrough products brought to life by start-ups from Mediapreneur, Mediacorp’s incubator programme and on show at the Singapore Week of Innovation & TeCHnology (SWITCH) 2018.

Mediapreneur’s current Batch four startups -, Sticheo and TellMe - are applying disruptive technologies like holography, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) to convert their ideas into commercially viable solutions. 

Innovators, technopreneurs and investors converging at SWITCH 2018 are invited to Mediapreneur's booth to see the solutions at work. SWITCH 2018 is a platform concept bringing together partners in the innovation ecosystem in a series of complementary events.
Students trying out's hololens for a holographic classroom experience. (Photo: Mediacorp), a mixed reality (MR) start-up, will exhibit their real-time and real-space holographic technology that allows schools to create engaging and immersive content and provide an MR experience for students.

Sticheo taps on computer vision and AI to identify spaces in video content for product placements, allowing seamless integration of ads in a non-disruptive and highly scalable fashion.

TellMe’s smart hotel keycard utilises interactive IoT to allow guests to use it as both an access card and e-Concierge, while allowing targeted ads to be served to them, based on their user patterns.

TellMe's smart hotel keycard that allows guests to use it as both an access card and e-Concierge. (Photo: Mediacorp)

All three start-ups joined Mediacorp’s incubation programme in July as Mediapreneur’s fourth batch of budding entrepreneurs. Successful applicants embark on a year-long incubation programme, benefitting from a structured programme that offers both infrastructural support and guidance from experienced mentors. 

In addition, Mediacorp provides start-ups with a head-start to doing business in the real world through prospective partnerships with Mediacorp’s stable of products and business units.

On the start-ups, Guillaume Sachet, Mediacorp’s Head of Social commented: “Converting great ideas into workable solutions that stand the test of commercial viability is the bedrock of Mediapreneur. We are extremely excited by this batch, many of whom have a strong advertising focus, which is core for Mediacorp. 

"We look forward to partnering them on their innovation journeys to transform advertising formats and deliver more value to both our audiences and advertisers."

On being part the Mediapreneur programme, Mr Ian Wu, founder of TellMe said: “We hope to leverage Mediacorp’s vast advertising expertise to become the number one advertising platform for brands to connect with tourists and travellers.” 

Applications for Batch 4 are open till the end of the year. Interested applicants can apply via

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