Razer Game Store comes to Singapore, and Southeast Asia, via Lazada

Razer Game Store comes to Singapore, and Southeast Asia, via Lazada

The Razer Game Store will be launched in Malaysia and Thailand "this quarter", followed by Indonesia and the Philippines, both parties say.

Razer Game Store screengrab
Screengrab of the online Razer Game Store. 

SINGAPORE: Lazada is bringing Razer's recently launched digital game distribution platform to Southeast Asia, starting with Singapore. 

The Razer Game Store, which was first announced on Apr 5, will be on Lazada's e-commerce platform and the games will be available at local pricing. These include new releases such as Far Cry 5, as well as favourites such as Grand Theft Auto V and Assassin's Creed: Origins, the joint press release on Wednesday (Apr 11) said.

Singapore is just the first stop though. The store will be launched in Malaysia and Thailand "this quarter", followed by Indonesia and the Philippines, they added.

"The Razer Game Store on Lazada is the only Southeast Asia-centric source of original PC digital games from publishers all over the world," said Mr Hari Vijayarajan, executive vice president and chief business officer at Lazada Singapore.

Both parties said the online store will regularly offer fans promotions, including in-app specials tailored for its home markets. 

Razer chose to partner Lazada instead of launching its game store directly for the Southeast Asia market due in part to the diversity of consumer behaviour in the various individual markets, said Mr Ian Tan, the company's senior director for global marketing at the briefing.

His colleague, Digital Store director Matthias Castell, also shared that being on Lazada's platform allows it to tap the e-commerce platform's data analytics on consumer behaviour. 

This, together with Razer's own artificial intelligence, will be meshed together to offer customers "the right game at the right price and at the right time", he explained, adding that this is one of the differentiators from other platforms like Steam. 

Mr Tan pointed out that the Lazada partnership is just one of the ways in which Razer is looking to offer digital software and services in this part of the world, and the launch is "just the first step". 

He added that the integration needed to bring Razer Game Store on Lazada's platform started "last year", which he said is "very fast". 

The gaming and peripherals maker announced its digital game distribution platform earlier this month, and said it said has thousands of digital games.

Consumers get the games in the form of Steam or Uplay product keys - something CEO Tan Min-Liang was keen to point out as the platform is not meant to "kill Steam", which is another digital games platform. 

He said in a tweet the following day: "Isn't meant to kill Steam - we sell Steam keys on it!"

The recently listed company also said those who purchase the games from its online store will get access to "exclusive offers, Razer Game Store vouchers, discounted peripherals on the RazerStore or other perks". 

"In addition, gamers will also earn zSilver loyalty rewards credits with each purchase on the Razer Game Store, including credit card transactions. Paying instead with zGold grants even larger zSilver rewards," it added in its press release then. 

However, zGold and zSilver - Razer's virtual currency and rewards programme, respectively - is "not yet" available on the Lazada platform, Mr Castell clarified.

Source: CNA/kk(ms)