WEF launches Global Centre for Cybersecurity, hopes for international collaboration

WEF launches Global Centre for Cybersecurity, hopes for international collaboration

SINGAPORE: The World Economic Forum (WEF) on Thursday (Jan 25) announced the launch of a new Global Centre for Cybersecurity to "help build a safe and secure global cyberspace".

In a press release, WEF said the aim of the centre is establish the "first global platform" for governments, businesses, experts and law enforcement agencies to collaborate on cybersecurity challenges. 

Such collaborations, information exchange and common standards are the only ways the global community can "successfully counter organised digital crime", it said. 

The centre will focus on the following aims:

  • Consolidating existing cybersecurity initiatives of the World Economic Forum
  • Establishing an independent library of cyber best practices
  • Helping partners to enhance knowledge on cybersecurity
  • Working towards an appropriate and agile regulatory framework on cybersecurity
  • Serving as a laboratory and early-warning think tank for future cybersecurity scenarios

"If we want to prevent a digital dark age, we need to work harder to make sure the benefits and potential of the fourth Industrial Revolution are secure and safe for society," said Alois Zwinggi, head of the new centre and managing director at the WEF. 

The centre will be based in Geneva, Switzerland, and will function as an autonomous organisation under the auspices of WEF, it added.

As for partners, Interpol's secretary-general Jurgen Stock has pledged the organisation's support.

"Our partnership contributes to building effective security architecture against such global threats, bringing key interdependent actors together, including police and business,” Stock said in the press release. 

Enterprise security vendor Darktrace hailed this latest development. 

Co-founder and chief marketing officer Emily Orton said in an email to Channel NewsAsia that the company particularly welcomed the focus on "seeking to establish a baseline of common language and on bolstering international collaboration, both of which will be critical in the fight against cybercrime".

Chief executive of BT Group Gavin Patterson also said it supports the creation of the centre. 

"We believe that closer, cross-border collaboration between the public and private sectors, in the form of sharing threat information and best practice, is critical if we are to succeed in combating cybercrime," he said. 

Source: CNA/kk