YouTube Kids to launch new features to give parents more control over what kids watch

YouTube Kids to launch new features to give parents more control over what kids watch

SINGAPORE: Parents will soon be able to handpick "every video and channel" available to their child on YouTube Kids - the child-friendly version of YouTube's mobile app - with the roll-out of new features for the app this year.

The video-sharing platform on Thursday (Apr 26) announced three new functions that it will roll out throughout the year to give parents "even more control".

One of these is a feature which will be available later this year, where parents can "specifically handpick" the videos and channels available to their child in the app, said YouTube in a blogpost announcing the changes.

Another new option is an "improved search-off control".

Currently, children can use the app's search function to watch videos, but these videos available through search are not subject to human review, but are selected by a special algorithm trained to return appropriate results, according to YouTube.

Parents can turn search off, meaning that their child cannot search for new content but can watch videos on the app's home screen, which are selected by an algorithm "and some human review".

However starting this week, turning search off will now limit children's experiences to channels that have been verified by the YouTube Kids team, said YouTube.

YouTube Kids has new features

In a third new option, the YouTube Kids team and its partners will offer collections of trusted channels on subjects such as arts and crafts, music and sport, starting this week.

Parents will be able to select the channel collections and topics they want their children to access, via the app's profile settings where they can select from available collections like Sesame Workshop and PBS KIDS.

YouTube Kids was launched in Singapore in 2016, with the aim of giving parents more control "to provide a safer and more customised experience for their families to explore their endless curiosities".

Source: CNA/nc(cy)