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Hong Kong police warn of 'live fire' as campus protest siege deepens

Hong Kong activist urges Germany to halt Chinese army training

Armoured police vehicle set ablaze as Hong Kong violence escalates

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CNA lifestyle

texting while walking

Texting while walking is dangerous. Here’s how to stop

"Twalking" – it's an actual term, you know you do it and it’s not safe, obviously. Here’s how to take control of your tech use.

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(ry) OTRD changi sea

CNA insider

stuffd free food for kids 1

He went hungry as a teen. Now Stuff’d boss is feeding kids who can’t afford a meal

For a year, he had one meal a day and quaffed water to keep hunger at bay. It’s why Adrian Ang started a programme to give ...

The hostages in Taiwan's 1997 hostage crisis were a South African diplomat and his family.

Inside the sensational 1997 hostage crisis that rocked Taiwan

The average bread consumption in Singapore is 13.3 kilogrammes per person every year.

Wholemeal or multigrain? The truth about ‘healthier’ breads

How 5G works in South Korea
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How 5G works in South Korea

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Millennials in maroon, Generation Xers in green, and the pre-independence generation in blue.

How Singapore sees its millennials (and it's not a pretty picture)

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Rishi & Sharul Try... OT

Rishi & Sharul Try…

These days, subcultures such as decluttering and biohacking have all "gone viral", thanks to the Internet. They all tout various kinds of benefits ...

Why It Matters

Why It Matters 3

Our world is changing at a rate like never before. Our lives are getting ever more complicated by the minute. To help make sense of it all, Joshua ...

The Millenial Investor

The Millennial Investor

A new breed of business minds discovers emerging opportunities in one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Like the traffic jams of ...



VenturePreneurs looks at the challenges that fledgling ventures face if they choose to go global and why some companies take the leap. Each of the ...

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asian voices

This election is not just about the PAP doing a bit better or a bit worse. This election will decide if Singapore can sustain good and stable government, to be different from other countries for a long time to come.

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, speaking at PAP65 Awards and Convention

Lee Hsien Loong at PAP65 Awards and Convention 11
Singapore PAP 'must never, ever be afraid to do what is right for Singapore', says PM Lee
We serve for the good of Singapore, and not for ourselves. We will always uphold and defend the high standards of integrity and trust that have underpinned Singapore’s success.

Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, on the decision to move a motion in Parliament on the governance of AHTC

Heng Swee Keat at PAP65 Awards and Convention 3
Singapore PAP doesn't hide from difficult truths, will uphold high standards of integrity and trust: Heng Swee Keat
Some might say that people will take advantage. But if you are kinder, you can help more people. We decided to do it the kinder way.

Stuff’d founder Adrian Ang, on the initiative he launched providing a free meal a day to children in need

stuffd free food for kids 1
CNA Insider He went hungry as a teen. Now Stuff’d boss is feeding kids who can’t afford a meal
Lara wants to be like Farah Ann, but with the new guidelines, her dreams will be dashed and all our hard work will be wasted. ​​​​​​​

Gymnastics coach Nurul Alia Jamal, on restrictions put in place by the Terengganu state government

Lara gymnast
Asia Dreams dashed for Terengganu's aspiring female gymnasts as state bars them from competitions over attire concerns
We don't know how we'll pay for food every night. How can we think of an air purifier?

Abdul Hanif, on how his family is coping with toxic smog in Delhi

Vehicles drive among the smog in New Delhi
Asia Trapped and helpless: How families are fighting Delhi's pollution horror
While the US and China are facing a lot of policy issues against each other, entertainment actually should be the platform to bridge cultures together. We believe more Eastern stars want to be represented in the West, and we also know a lot of talents from the West want to be properly represented in the East.

Gushcloud co-founder Althea Lim

Althea Lim and Vincent Ha, Gushcloud
CNA Luxury From crises to conquest: How Gushcloud's founders turned their business around

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