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    Ep 4: Future

    How will we love, work and play in tomorrow’s world? Where will this coded revolution lead us and what we will become? Algorithms are transforming ...
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    Ep 3: Alive

    What happens when code comes alive? Will Artificial Intelligence walk beside us? Is virtual living our new reality? Can we fall in love with a ...
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    Ep 1: Choice

    Are we giving up our freedom to choose? Algorithms are making our options for us. Now we are letting algorithms make life-and-death decisions as well.
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    Ep 2: Freedom

    Big Math is helping to police the world and arming Big Brother in the process. Is the cost of safety worth the price of freedom? But maybe this ...
  5. pixel heart,love

    Commentary: How some have life-hacked their way to love

    You can hack your way to find love by applying a data-centric approach but that relationship might not last, says Joseph Reagle from Northeastern ...
  6. Algorithms Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Surviving The Algorithm Age

    We look at how humans are trying to wrestle back control. And use algorithms to change the world in good ways rather than bad. How are humans ...
  7. Rage Against The Machine
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    Ep 1: Rage Against The Machine

    Algorithms are a new digital species in our world, streamlining every aspect of our lives. But we are only just beginning to question their ...