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  1. Killer Heat
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    Ep 8: Killer Heat

    Singapore is a sunny island set in the sea. But Joshua finds out being surrounded by water may well be lethal in the age of global warming.
  2. In Search of Umami
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    Ep 2: Seoul/Busan - The Deep Taste

    Meet fine-dining chefs in Seoul who twist the traditions of Hansik to produce a deep taste evocative of their childhood. Rob journeys to Busan to ...
  3. Schooled For The Big Day
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    Ep 3: Schooled For The Big Day

    Getting married these days and even just attending a wedding entails clocking in hours of dance class time, sweating and aching. It’s a cram ...
  4. Hidden China
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    Ep 7: Hidden China

    Yvonne travels to Hangzhou and Hainan, two lesser-known luxury destinations in China, to learn about the expectations of the newly affluent – from ...
  5. Luxe and Sports
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    Ep 5: Luxe and Sports

    Yvonne checks out a swanky invite-only fitness club, tries horse-riding, and tests some of the rarest high-tech sports equipment in Singapore. 
  6. Blockchain
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    Ep 5: On The Menu - Blockchain (Part 1)

    What's blockchain doing in your dinner? Blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, but Joshua Lim finds out that food companies ...
  7. Palu: A Month After
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    Palu: A Month After

    Palu is devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in quick succession. Channel NewsAsia's documentary filmmakers profile survivors and rescuers ...
  8. Grab Singapore HQ
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    Ep 1: Grab

    The ride-hailing industry is one of the most competitive in the world, but in Southeast Asia, Grab has won the battle. With unprecedented access ...
  9. Inside The Cryptokingdom
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    Ep 4: The Machine Ordered Universe

    Pioneers of blockchain technology and crypto-currencies have bold visions of an increasingly virtual future. Will it be a tech-rich utopia? The ...
  10. Cram Course Asia
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    Ep 2: How To Become A Civil Servant

    Passing South Korea’s civil service exams means landing a job for life. To up their chances, many students enroll in military-style cram schools ...