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  1. New Content Item
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    Airlines are facing an unparalleled challenge in aviation history - keeping their planes grounded, which is almost as complicated as keeping them ...
  2. The Power Of Choice
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    Ep 30: The Power Of Choice

    Are Singaporeans rational or emotional consumers? Also in this episode - why is the merger of Uber and Grab considered anti-competitive behaviour?
  3. Making Informed Decisions
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    Ep 28: Making Informed Decisions

    Investing with confidence comes with learning the tools of the trade. And, are HDB shophouses good investments?
  4. Killer Heat
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    Ep 8: Killer Heat

    Singapore is a sunny island set in the sea. But Joshua finds out being surrounded by water may well be lethal in the age of global warming.
  5. Losing Yourself
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    Ep 9: Losing Yourself

    Is free wifi safe to use? Can 'secured' websites be faked? Is your personal information really worth stealing? In his hunt for answers, host ...
  6. Kelantan - Fish And Rice
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    Ep 5: Kelantan - Fish And Rice

    Kelantan - a land of rice and fish. Villagers turn anchovies into budu, a fermented sauce and sardines into sausage, known locally as keropok lekor.
  7. In Search of Umami
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    Ep 4: Singapore - The Things Inside

    What’s behind the salted egg craze? What other ingredients work discreetly to give us satisfying taste sensations? We examine the role of the soy ...
  8. Fighting Fake
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    Ep 2: Fighting Fake

    From using facts to algorithms, media literacy to legislation, the means to combat fake news are varied. But are they enough? Will things actually ...
  9. In Search of Umami
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    Ep 2: Seoul/Busan - The Deep Taste

    Meet fine-dining chefs in Seoul who twist the traditions of Hansik to produce a deep taste evocative of their childhood. Rob journeys to Busan to ...
  10. Inside The Cryptokingdom
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    Ep 4: The Machine Ordered Universe

    Pioneers of blockchain technology and crypto-currencies have bold visions of an increasingly virtual future. Will it be a tech-rich utopia? The ...