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  1. The Truth About Fake News
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    Ep 1: Deceive and Conquer

    What is fake news and who is peddling it? From Europe to Southeast Asia, trust in institutions and in each other have been eroded. In this ...
  2. Blockchain
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    Ep 5: On The Menu - Blockchain (Part 1)

    What's blockchain doing in your dinner? Blockchain is the technology that powers cryptocurrencies, but Joshua Lim finds out that food companies ...
  3. Start-UP S6
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    Ep 5: Improving Businesses Everywhere

    Attempting to solve connectivity issues, Dattabot pitches to a telco company. TSC moves closer to creating a product for a larger audience. And ...
  4. Inside The Cryptokingdom
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    Ep 3: In Code We Trust

    With bitcoin came blockchain technology – a tool to decentralise all sorts of things beyond crypto-currency. Will it radically transform the way ...
  5. Taken For A Ride
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    Ep 2: Taking The Right Turn?

    Ride-hailing apps have become the way to get around in congested Jakarta. Yet it is not all rosy for the motorcycle riders depending on the apps ...
  6. RH
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    Palu: A Month After

    Palu is devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in quick succession. Channel NewsAsia's documentary filmmakers profile survivors and rescuers ...
  7. Schooled For The Big Day
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    Ep 3: Schooled For The Big Day

    Getting married these days and even just attending a wedding entails clocking in hours of dance class time, sweating and aching. It’s a cram ...
  8. Enemy Within
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    Ep 1: Caught In The Crossfire

    Caught in the Crossfire meets journalists documenting Afghanistan's war ravaged history and discovers the sacrifices they endure at the battle lines.
  9. Cram Course Asia
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    Ep 2: How To Become A Civil Servant

    Passing South Korea’s civil service exams means landing a job for life. To up their chances, many students enroll in military-style cram schools ...
  10. Cram Course Asia
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    Ep 1: Boys to Men

    China’s boys are facing a “masculinity crisis” and a crash course in Beijing aims to transform them into “real men” in just 7 days. Will this boot ...