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  1. China's one-child rule, which ran from 1979 to 2016, meant daughters have also been tasked with

    China's two-child policy means more babies named after mum

    When Wang Rong gave birth to her second son, she reminded her husband of a promise he made even before their wedding: to let her pass on her ...
  2. Yohan and Alyson, who moved to Thailand in 2017 because of their father's engineering job, are

    Lives interrupted: 2 young sisters look back on Bangkok COVID-19 lockdown

    For young sisters Yohan and Alyson, the stress of a three-month coronavirus lockdown in a foreign city was assuaged by family and Netflix, theirs ...
  3. Save the Children said that for the first time ever, "an entire generation of children globally

    10 million kids 'may never return to school' after COVID-19: Save the Children

    The coronavirus pandemic has caused an "unprecedented education emergency" with up to 9.7 million children affected by school closures at risk of ...
  4. Parent child talk discipline punishment reward

    Commentary: A little baby talk is good for your toddler

    Young children around the world love baby talk, say observers.
  5. Covid-19 Diaries
    Media playtime

    COVID-19 diaries: A social worker protecting children via video

    Vivyan Chee, Assistant Director at the Singapore Children’s Society talks about the challenges of speaking privately with vulnerable children and ...
  6. wfh kids

    Commentary: Mothers working from home on Instagram look stylish, serene and nothing like my reality

    It turns out that combining three young kids and a full-time job isn’t quite the Sound of Music 2.0, says the Financial Times' Carola Long.
  7. A child being tickled by an adult in the tummy

    Commentary: Am I a bad mum for leaving my kid in childcare while returning to work?

    Research shows modern caregiving arrangements does not adversely impact child development in the way we think it does, says Children’s Society Lin ...