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  1. Red foxes roam amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in the Israeli city of Ashkelon

    Commentary: The wonder of clear skies and returning wildlife is our new climate problem

    The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t really halted climate change but gives the world a timely opportunity to do so, says Winston Chow.
  2. Green Antartica

    Climate change turning Antarctica's snow green

    Antarctica conjures images of an unbroken white wilderness but blooms of algae are giving parts of the frozen continent an increasingly green tinge.
  3. Cooling towers and smoke stacks are seen at the coal powered Pocerady power station near Louny

    Global CO2 emissions could fall by up to 7% this year amid pandemic: Research

    Global carbon dioxide emissions could fall by up to 7 per cent this year, depending on ongoing restrictions and social distancing measures during ...