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  1. Beyond Medicine
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    Ep 4: Beyond Medicine

    In this episode of Facing Dementia, we meet professionals from two different camps: Scientists who are trying to prevent or reverse Alzheimer's ...
  2. Caregivers & Loved Ones
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    Ep 3: Caregivers & Loved Ones

    Caring for people with dementia can be challenging. We meet caregivers from different backgrounds and find out how dementia has changed their lives.
  3. The Long Road Ahead
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    Ep 2: The Long Road Ahead

    While many link dementia with old age, more people under 60 are being diagnosed with early-onset dementia. We look at how they face specific ...
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    Commentary: Laugh at enrolling in ElderShield at 30? It should be sobering news

    Ageing and disability are challenges we all have to confront, so there’s good reason we should be invested in the ElderShield review, says Channel ...