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  1. A number of oil and gas companies have pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2050

    Satellites reveal major new gas industry methane leaks

    Last fall, European Space Agency satellites detected huge plumes of the invisible planet-warming gas methane leaking from the Yamal pipeline that ...
  2. Russia's Siberia region, best known as an icy tundra, is being transformed by climate change

    World meteorological body seeks to verify 'worrying' reports of Arctic heat record

    The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Tuesday it was seeking to confirm reports of a record temperature reading of more than 100 ...
  3. FILE PHOTO: Coral surrounds a small island on the Great Barrier Reef, located off the coast of Quee

    Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffers most extensive coral bleaching

    Australia's Great Barrier Reef suffered its most extensive coral bleaching event in March, with scientists fearing the coral recovers less each ...
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    Carbon Conundrum

    The earth is warming, FAST. Human addiction to carbon is the cause of it. We speak with scientists and researchers behind innovative solutions ...
  5. carbon emissions

    Commentary: What if governments and firms measure the one thing that matters most – carbon productivity?

    Labour productivity is less important than you might think. People are not a finite resource, but allowable carbon emissions are, says an expert.
  6. A view of the Planpincieux glacier along the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif in the area of P

    Mont Blanc glacier at risk of collapse, PM calls for climate action

    Part of a glacier on Mont Blanc, Europe's highest mountain, is at risk of collapse, prompting Italian authorities to close roads and evacuate ...
  7. China is the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gases, due to its heavy reliance on coal to

    China pledges new impetus in climate efforts after 2020

    China will inject new impetus into climate change efforts after 2020, and use its Belt and Road initiative to boost cooperation in the fight on ...