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    Greening The Net

    Life has gotten more digital than ever before. But when it comes to greenhouse gases, the Internet is responsible for 2% of global emissions. What ...
  2. World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee has described Australia's plan to force digital giants

    World Wide Web inventor opposes Australia's news payment plan for tech giants

    World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee says Australia's plan to force digital giants to pay media outlets for news content is "unworkable" and ...
  3. TP ep 34 - loot boxes
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    Ep 34: The Hidden Dangers Of Loot Boxes

    Talking Point investigates the dangers of Loot Boxes. Why it’s making our kids spend big money and is it turning our children to gambling?   
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    Ep 1: Ahead of Their Time: Netflix & Vestron

    Before there was ‘Netflix and Chill’, there was ‘Be Kind and Rewind’. Visionaries who turned the potential of new technologies into reality, ...
  5. The Unknown
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    Ep 4: The Unknown

    The way forward for some entrepreneurs in tough times, is to create new market space or new demand. And it makes competition irrelevant. Will the ...
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    Ep 1: Should We Be Afraid Of TikTok?

    Why would the US and India even try to ban a platform for silly videos? And why would such a ban hit India's rural poor? Is there more to TikTok ...
  7. Cambodian boy linguist Thuch Salik’s life has changed out of all recognition.

    From poverty to fulfilling the impossible: Life for Cambodian boy linguist after viral fame

    It has been two years since Thuch Salik, who can speak 16 languages, went viral because of his gift. The series Beyond The Viral Video finds out ...
  8. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: What Happens After Viral Fame?

    What can 15 seconds of internet fame do to your life? How do influencers become popular on the internet and can going viral change the world in ...