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  1. CNA+: On The Red Dot explores how we can stem cybercrime
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    CNA+: On The Red Dot explores how we can stem cybercrime

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
  2. Last year, the Indian government blocked three environmental groups, even accusing them of terrorism

    Helplessness, hopelessness: The human cost of India’s Internet shutdowns

    India is the world’s worst disruptor of the Internet. Children and ordinary folk are paying a high price, the programme Undercover Asia finds out.
  3. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: Internet Blackout (India)

    India leads the world in internet shutdowns. It holds the record for one of the longest digital shutdowns in a democracy. Why does the government ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: World Wide Web founder Tim Berners-Lee poses for a photograph following a speech at the

    Web inventor Berners-Lee says 'fad' of Internet giants will pass

    Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has said the dominance of internet giants is a "fad" that does not have to endure, adding ...
  5. In Con FY20 EP 19
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    Ep 19: Maya Hari, Twitter, Vice President for Asia Pacific

    Twitter has been used to get vital rescue messages out and help save lives in disasters. But it has also been accused of amplifying hate voices ...
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    Ep 9: Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor Of World Wide Web

    When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web 30 years ago, he did not expect it to become a divisive force and a platform for criminal abuse.
  7. Co-CEOs of Z Holdings Kawabe and Idezawa hold a news conference in Tokyo

    SoftBank's internet business to invest US$5 billion to resist overseas tech giants

    SoftBank's internet subsidiary Z Holdings outlined plans on Monday to invest 500 billion yen (US$4.7 billion) in technology over five years to ...
  8. FILE PHOTO: A 3-D printed Facebook logo is seen on U.S. dollar banknotes in this illustration pictu

    Internet groups, US Chamber sue Maryland over digital advertising tax

    A group representing Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others in filing suit on Thursday to ...