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  1. Terror Threat: Post-ISIS Era
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    Ep 11: Terror Threat: Post-ISIS Era

    After the collapse of the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, will Asia be the next fertile ground for ISIS's resurrection?
  2. Radicalised at 7: Saving the children of terrorists
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    Radicalised at 7: Saving the children of terrorists

    How do you rehabilitate radicalised children as young as 7? Insight gains access to a centre housing children from the 2018 Surabaya bombings.
  3. Insight children terrorism shelter

    Child suicide bombers, and the shelter rehabilitating them in Indonesia

    They have been manipulated and radicalised to become fighters and human bombs. Will re-socialising and counselling these children at a secretive ...
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    US does not want to be 'policeman of the Middle East': Trump

    The United States does not want to be the "Policeman" of the Middle East, US President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday (Dec 20), as he defended ...