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  1. On The Red Dot
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    Ep 13: Old Enough! 2 - Celebrity Special

    Be amazed by the wonder and charm of little children going on big adventures, running errands on their own for the very first time! The kids of ...
  2. Old Enough! 2 - Riley & Sharvesh
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    Ep 16: Old Enough! 2 - Riley & Sharvesh

    Disaster strikes when 3-year-old Riley heads on an epic walk to the minimart, while 5-year-old Sharvesh takes the bus to deliver lunch to his Aunt.
  3. On The Red Dot
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    Ep 14: Old Enough! 2 - Laylana & Damon

    3-year-old Laylana and 5-year-old Damon leave home on their first ever errand alone. But busy roads turn a short trip into a hazardous journey as ...
  4. Old Enough! 2 - Mikkeller & Natalie/Evie
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    Ep 15: Old Enough! 2 - Mikkeller & Natalie/Evie

    5-year-old Mikkeller literally runs an errand to the post office, while young siblings Natalie and Evie face down baby goats, all of them out to ...
  5. Nathanael, aged five years and one month, is sent to take a train by himself for the first time.

    Commentary: Should you let your 5-year-old run errands outside of home?

    Whatever your view about the errand a 5-year-old carried out to deliver a briefcase to his dad 17 MRT stations away, let's remember to give our ...