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  1. Grab's President Ming Maa poses before an interview with Reuters in Singapore

    Ride-hailing firm Grab plans major investment in Vietnam

    Singapore-based ride-hailing firm Grab is set to invest "several hundred million dollars" in Vietnam where the company sees its next major growth ...
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    The Big Read: Sharing economy — the next big thing that never was?

    More than a decade after the sharing economy began its meteoric rise across the globe, the collaborative movement has come under siege, including ...
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    Commentary: Ride-sharing operators can be profitable – if they cooperate with governments

    Many ride-sharing platforms are not profitable, and increased competition has placed downward pressure on drivers' incomes. But things can change ...
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    Grab buys Uber’s Southeast Asia operations: Who are the winners and losers?

    While the deal seems to be positive for both players as it puts an end to a bruising battle for ride-hailing app supremacy, it has been met with ...