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  1. The 1980s: Count On Me, Singapore
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    Ep 3: The 1980s: Count On Me, Singapore

    Singapore in the 1980s. An era marked by rapid progress and urban development, with bouts of tragedy testing a nation's resolve.
  2. The 2000s: The Great Singapore Reboot
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    Ep 5: The 2000s: The Great Singapore Reboot

    A new millennium heralds new technologies, new media and serious new challenges. Singapore in the noughties - a decade marked by bold risk-taking ...
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    Ep 2: The 1970s: Up, Up And Away!

    Disco mania, a thriving economy, high-rise buildings and high-flying aspirations. Rediscover the spirit of Singapore in the 70s.
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    Ep 1: 1960s Singapore Boleh!

    A companion account of Singapore's history told by everyday Singaporeans - revealing how identities and aspirations took shape against the ...
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    Ep 2: Glitz & Glam

    #Throwback to when Singaporeans rebelled through rock & roll, cabaret girls were the epitome of women power, and how these "frivolous" stories of ...
  6. Majulah Singapura Singapore flag raising

    Fresh recording of Singapore national anthem makes debut

  7. Preston Lim examines how crowded Singapore’s prisons were in the 1950s
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    Ep 1: Crime And Grime

    Computer engineer, Preston Lim comes face to face with the grime and crime that was part of everyday life as Singapore was catapulted into ...
  8. Mega Floods
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    Mega Floods

    Singapore lies in the path of powerful monsoons. Its people used to suffer devastating floods that took lives and shattered families. "Days of ...
  9. Hotel New World Collapse
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    Hotel New World Collapse

    The shocking collapse of Hotel New World in 1986 traps a then unknown number of people. It sparks an unprecedented rescue operation that tests the ...