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  1. CNA+: Talking Point explores risk of transmission in our public transport
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    CNA+: Talking Point explores risk of transmission in our public transport

    A bite-size version of what you have missed on "Asia First".
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    Ep 12: How Are Kids Coping With COVID-19?

    With school back in session, Diana Ser goes on a mission to find out how our kids are adjusting to life amidst a global pandemic. She also brings ...
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    Ep 11: How Safe Is Our Public Transport?

    More workplaces and schools reopen as circuit breaker measures end on 1 June in Singapore. Morning peak ridership has doubled since then. Could ...
  4. TP - protection against COVID
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    Can I Protect Myself Against COVID-19?

    Global demand for supplements is predicted to spike by 25% due to COVID-19, as people find ways to boost their immunity. How does supporting our ...
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    Ep 9: When Will Life Get Back To Normal

    COVID-19 had forced Singapore to a two month standstill, where "Circuit Breaker" measures were enforced. But as we come out of Circuit Breaker, ...
  6. Talking Point - toilet paper
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    Ep 8: What Do I Need To Know About Toilet Paper?

    Toilet paper mania swept the globe earlier this year, when COVID-19 broke. As countries continue to grapple with the pandemic, we find out ...
  7. Talking Point - essential worker
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    Ep 7: Are Our Essential Workers Underappreciated?

    They've been verbally and even physically abused. As tempers flare and patience run out, Talking Point takes a look at what our Essential Workers ...
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    Ep 6: Circuit Breaker: Can We Help The Vulnerable?

    The worldwide rise in domestic abuse cases is said to be the new COVID-19 crisis. Singapore is no exception – calls for help have increased by up ...
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    Ep 5: Can My Child Really Learn From Home?

    Home Based Learning has finally come to an end.  What worked? What didn’t? Diana Ser tracked three families across a span of nearly four weeks, to ...