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  1. FILE PHOTO: A woman talks on the phone at the Airbnb office headquarters in the SOMA district of Sa

    Airbnb to process EU payments via Luxembourg as Brexit looms

    Airbnb will process payments between hosts and guests for the European Union through Luxembourg as of 2020, as the home rental giant prepares for ...
  2. Top Asian destinations for 2020

    Scuba diving in Myanmar and glamping in China: Rediscover Asia in 2020

    From new hotel openings in Sri Lanka to the architecturally distinct Tulou buildings in China’s Fujian province – as featured in Disney’s upcoming ...
  3. Floyd Mayweather has teased a return to fighting, saying he plans to come out of retirement in 2020

    Boxing: Mayweather teases 2020 comeback

    Floyd Mayweather has teased a possible return to fighting, writing in an Instagram post he was "coming out of retirement" in 2020.
  4. 2020 travel destinations

    Need some travel ideas for 2020? Put these five destinations on your bucket list

    Explore giant temples and lavish palaces in India, seek out Biblical spots in Iran, enjoy colourful festivals in Bhutan, or experience ...
  5. Fashion trends SS2020

    Stay ahead of the curve with five of the hottest fashion trends for next year

    From drapery that recall the mastery of haute couture to shorts that evoke the sensuality of summer, this is your cheatsheet to the season.
  6. What to wear in 2020

    Heads up: These are the clothes that you will be wearing in 2020 and beyond

    From joyful maximalism to a cool Parisian insouciance, our top picks from the Spring/Summer 2020 collections will start you on the right foot in ...
  7. Embraer logo at LABACE in Sao Paulo

    Embraer delays timeline for close of Boeing deal to early 2020

    Brazilian planemaker Embraer has delayed its expected timeline for the closing of a major deal with Boeing to early 2020, according to a ...
  8. Democratic 2020 US presidential candidate Warren takes the stage in Keene

    US Senator Warren's liberal plans fuel rise in Democratic presidential field

    When U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren jogged onstage at the University of Iowa last week for her largest rally yet in the state that hosts the first ...
  9. Fukushima gears up for torch relay ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics | Video
    Media playtime

    Fukushima gears up for torch relay ahead of 2020 Tokyo Olympics | Video

    Disaster-stricken Fukushima has been selected as the starting point of the torch relay for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Route details will be ...