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  1. Cat owner renting a place 99co hero unsplash-paul-hanaoka

    Looking to rent a place with your cat? Make sure you follow these steps

    From renting unfurnished properties to keeping that S$3,000 curtain away from kitty’s claws, here are things to keep both your cat and your ...
  2. Leaking ceiling neighbour property damage 99co 2

    Does your ceiling leak? What to do when a neighbour’s property damage spreads to yours

    Whether it’s a water leak or an electrical fire from next door or upstairs, it can be a headache trying to deal with your neighbours. But there ...
  3. house for sale file photo

    Property agent commission in Singapore: How much should you pay?

  4. bedroom

    How much should you spend on rent in Singapore?

  5. Jumbo flats interior

    What are Jumbo HDB flats and where can you find them?